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Help with Go to Related Record Script

Question asked by AmberDavis on Jul 9, 2014
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Help with Go to Related Record Script


     Struggling a bit with a script that involves GTRR. My objective is to have truck serial #'s listed on a page (ShopOrderList) pulled from a manual entry field on ShopOrderForm (Where workers can enter an order for truck parts) and one can click a button and parts that have been ordered for this specific truck serial # will show in list form on a layout called (RelatedParts). I set the button to perform a script that:


          Set Variable [$$CurrentItemID; Value:Transactions::ItemID]


          Go to Related Record [Show only related records; From table:: "Inventory"; Using layout: "RelatedParts" (Inventory)]

     When I click the button it doesn't show all the parts for the serial number. What am I doing wrong? I can attach a picture of my relationships, maybe it has something to do with that since I struggle the most with making relationships.