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    Help with Graph Calculation



      Help with Graph Calculation


      I'm trying to create a graph that totalizes the amount (field) spent in each category (field) and have that display on the X-axis.  So I assume I need a calculation to go in the X-Axis but I don't know how to write that.  I'd also like to limit the graph only to expenses (negative amounts).  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Without much to go on the simple answer is when designating the x axis you can use a calculation to only show if it is negative.  Remembering the Y axis, unless you first do a search to eliminate the positive values you will get a blank space.  If I understand you correctly the best approach would be to Find only negative values and then use them to graph your results.

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            When creating a chart where each point on the chart is a value computed from a group of records in your found set, specify a summary field for your Y-series value, select the "summarized values" data source option and be sure to sort to group your records into the groups you need for your chart.