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Help with grouping data in a report

Question asked by MilosUstic on Jun 10, 2011
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Help with grouping data in a report


Hi, downloaded filemaker last night to see if i can use it to create an Index for a publication. so far spot on, importing file, creating report etc. The problem i'm looking for help with is

How do you group multiple entries with the same category heading? As you can see from my image (please ignore 1st 15 or so entries without categories) if you look in column 1 towards the bottom i have accountants listed of which there are 3. What I want to achieve is to list the category heading "Accountants" and simply in alphabetical order list the names below. ie Birch Coper, Pilbro, Tearle & Carver rather than the category for each and every entry,

Can this be done? Any help and advice much appreciated.


ps as you have probably gathered I'm new to filemaker pro