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    Help with If/Then formula



      Help with If/Then formula



      I am new to using Filemaker. I am a baseball card collector and I have managed my baseball card collection in an Excel worksheet for a long time. As you can imagine, that worksheet has gotten unwieldy, so I upgraded to Filemaker Pro 12.

      What I am trying to do is this:

      1. Each card is assigned a value, such as MINT, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT, etc.  This condition is chosen from a drop down menu in one of my fields.

      2. Each card has a book value based on the card being in perfect condition. I am entering this manually for each card as a dollar amount.

      3. I would like for another field to show the book value adjusted by condition of the card. For instance, if a card has a book value of $10 and the card is in VERY GOOD condition, the value would be adjusted accordingly.

      In my Excel database, I set up a If/Then function like this:


      Is it possible to do something similar in Filemaker? I have tried a variety of different formulas, but have not been able to make it work.

      Thank you for your help!

      - rick



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          A case statement is much nicer.  Eg, for the field CardValue:

          Case (

          Condition = "VG" ; BookValue * 0.5 ;

          Condition = "EX" ; BookValue * 0.75 ;

          Condition = "EXMT" ; BookValue ;

          Condition = "MINT" ; BookValue * 1.5 ;

          Condition = "P" ; BookValue * 0. ;

          Condition = "G" ; BookValue * 0.25 ;

          Condition = "F" ; BookValue * 0.15 ;

          [whatever that value C1*4 would be]


          You could make your calculation more flexible for the future by maintaining a table of the multipliers, in case they changed as the market changed.

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            Thanks, Sorbsbuster! This worked perfectly! I really appreciate your help! :)

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              And with a table of the mutlipliers, you can also eliminate the need for any If or Case function if you set up the correct relationship for this table of values--which adds even more flexibility to the design and function of your database.