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    Help with importing.



      Help with importing.


           I import data that enables me to price our retail sales floor. The data consists of carpet styles and pricing.  I import from a master database {manufacturer, style name, style number and price}. Manufacturer & style number is unique. From this, I identify styles I actually have within the store with a tick in a checkbox. My problem arises when it is time to update pricing. How can I delete records from my database that are not in the import (meaning they have been discontinued) and update pricing for records that have changed, along with adding new styles not currently in the database.




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               Option 1:

               If you import your new data into a different table, You can define a relationship that matches records by Manufacturer and Style number between the two tables. Then, records in your original table that do not have a matching record in this temporary import table would be records for items that have been discontinued. You can perform a find for such records and then delete them or you can set a field in each such record to a value that marks them as discontinued.

               Option 2:

               If you have a field that auto-enters the modification date in your table, you might be able to do an Import Matching records import with auto-enter options enabled. After the import, any records with a modification date earlier than the date of the import records did have a matching record in your imported data and thus should represent your discontinued items.