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Help with inventory type database

Question asked by KrisCirillo on Jun 11, 2013
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Help with inventory type database


     I have created an inventory database in FMP to keep track of all of our assets. One of the tables is a list of all users in our company. 

     On my asset entry layout, I have a drop down menue that grabs values from the Users table so I can quickly assign the device

     I am trying to add a check out/ check in feature to keep a log of who has had what device and for what period

     I created a new table called Assignment History

     Added all the fields I would like to be there, User name, serial number, check in data, check out date

     Back to my asset entry layout, next to the user drop down menue, I have created a button for check out that runs a script. Go to Assignment History layout, create a new record, auto fill in the user name (selected from the drop down menue), the serial number of the device and enter todays date in the check out feild

     I then created another button for check in, which runs a script. Go to the Assignment history layout and enter todays date in the check in feild. Then I have some other feilds but they are not relevent for my problem.

     Here is where the actual problem comes in. Once I check out and check in a device that record looks perfect. However when I check the device out to another user, it changes the user name for all previous records to the current user. I want to see a history of who has had what and when. 

     So my questions is, why isn't the user name sticking on the previous records?

     Below is a picture of my relashionships. Perhaps that will help to understand what I have going one.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.