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    Help with invoicing



      Help with invoicing


      Hi All,

      I'm a bit new to using this software and am hoping someone has some advice on how to link up Invoices to Customer info.

      In the Invoice section I have a frop down 'Bill to' menu that shows all of my customers, however when I select one it doesn't input their details or do anything. I think something must have gotten altered when formatting it but not sure what. It looks the same as the template example.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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          What tables and relationships do you have?

          You need a relationship that uses the "bill to" field to link your invoice record to a record in the customer info table.

          What data is entered into the "bill to" field when you select a customer's name?

          The templates are set up to display the customer's name, but enter their ID number. If you have a relationship that matches records by ID number (and you should), but your value list is entering the customer's name, then you are no longer matching your invoice record to a customer record by ID number and this will kep any customer information from appearing on your layout when you select a customer.

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            Thanks so much for responding. I think I've got it sorted. My ID number wasn't appearing correctly but now that I've deleted it and put it back in it's full steam ahead. Thanks for the help!