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Help with invoicing - Filemaker Newbie

Question asked by BurtonBytes on Jul 8, 2009


Help with invoicing - Filemaker Newbie


Hi everyone


I've just started using Filemaker 10 pro. I run a small computer repair firm and had been using Filemaker as a contact management solution. I use the standard contact management template which I've visually tweaked. I use the notes section and put in what I've done as a work history. I have then been creating invoices in Apple Numbers app.


I mentioned this to a friend of mine who lives in America over ichat and he told me I'd be crazy to do it this way and explained that Filemaker is more than capable of creating invoices for me also. He suggested I download the free small business templates. I've done this and had a look at the example of Big Mountain Bikes and like the invoicing system shown there, however the download comes with zero instructions and I'm no further forward, but more fustrated having seen how well it can work.


Can anyone help me with this or suggest any tutorials or ways of customising the free small business templates?


Any help would be massivley appreciated, Matt UK.