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    Help with Item Selection



      Help with Item Selection




           I am new with filemaker pro. (Novice) I need some help on how will I do this kind of selection, or any suggestion from the experts.



           I am planning to buy LCD monitor, So I canvas a monitor. So in my canvas report I have an item of a LCD monitor from the 2 company (Dell and HP). Now in my next Database I want to select only one Company either Hp or Dell. So i will make a button for selection. How will I do it?


           Please post your suggestion.

           Thanks a lot! 

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               Instead of a button, use a field formatted with a value list. The value list can list 'HP' and 'Dell' as options in the value list. There are multiple options for how you set up your value list and how you might use that "for selection" so you'll need to be a bit more specific about how you are trying to set this up before my answers can be more specific.

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                 Thanks for the help sir. I got the picture now, one thing that i cannot get is how can i make a value list from other data? I have attached a table to unders


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                   You cannot upload database files to this forum--only pictures. Note the permitted file types listed below Post a new Answer. You can, however, upload the file to a file sharing site such as drop box and then post the download link here. But you really don't need to do that yet and it might not help as you haven't answered the question that I asked in my last post.

                   To answer your most recent question:

                   Open Manage | Value Lists

                   Select New

                   Select the option "use values from a field"

                   Fill out the options in the next dialog where you select a Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? in the drop down and then select a field in the list that appears below it.