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    Help with Labels



      Help with Labels


      I converted an older version of FileMaker that we use for a mailing list. We print continuous mailing labels. Under the older version, you could click "no gaps" between pages. Otherwise you get a blank label between each page. 


      I can't figure how to do it under the new version to eliminate the gap.



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          Thank you for your post.


          The "No gaps" was available through an ImageWriter printer.  This is not available in FileMaker Pro 9.


          Can you tell me more about your printer?  Is there a printer driver where Page Setup includes the label height?  If so, you can set the top and bottom margins to their minimum, and then use the remaining space for the data you want displayed on the label.


          If there is no Page Setup to include the label height, then you will still have to determine the printing area of each label, how many labels print per page, etc., and still include the minimum top and bottom margins.


          Any additional information you can supply will help determine what settings to try.



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            Thanks. The printer is an Epson FX-890N, 9 pin. The previous printer under OS9 was also an Epson. 


            I went to Page Setup. It says letter, legal, A4 and fanfold - 14.875 x 11.


            Under printer margins, you can set up page size and printer margins.


            Should I adjust those? I just want to get the gaps out. We print about 2,000 labels weekly. 

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              How large is each label size?  What is the height of each label?  If the Epson is a label printer, I'm assuming it is one label wide.  Correct?


              I have seen some label printers come with their own printer drivers.  Does your Epson printer have its own printer driver?



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                Each label is 3.5 wide and 15/16-inch tall. They are on a continuous form (one after another). There was a driver for 9-pin Epson printers that was installed.  


                The printer takes single sheet pages, continuous forms, etc. You just set it up for the particular media.



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                  Thank you for your post.


                  It doesn't appear that there is a page setup to accept single labels.  If each label is 15/16th inches tall, then you can print 16 labels over 15 inches.   The closest setup you have is 14.875 inches, so after 16 labels, the next set of 16 labels will be offset by 1/8 inch.  Also, since the body is 15/16" tall, and you do have some margin at top, you will lose 1 out of 16 labels.



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                    I had similar problems with filemaker and Epson 890 printers.


                    Here is what I learned from the various parties (epson, Filemaker, etc):


                    In order to set up a special page size, I had to accomplish the following:


                    From a Windows PC running XP Professional:


                    1.  Start
                    2.  Settings
                    3.  Printers (open Printers & Faxes Directory) Double click to open the Directory
                    4.  Select Epson 880/890
                    5.  File Menu
                    6.  Server Properties
                    7.  Create New Form
                    8.  Enter Desired Paper Size (i.e. 1145 = Width 4.00, Height 6.00)
                    9.  Name the form 1145
                    10.  Click "Save Form"
                    Note:  This has to be done for each user


                    11.  Open the Filemaker File (i.e. 1145)
                    12.  File
                    13.  Print Setup
                    14.  Select 1145 in Paper Size
                    15.  This has to be done for each user's login in Windows
                    16.  The print script will have to be changed to modify the page setup