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Help with layouts changing records unexpectedly

Question asked by ssgat on Aug 9, 2012
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Help with layouts changing records unexpectedly


 i have an issue with a small DB, hosted with FMP Server 12 across a domain controlled network.  Clients all using FMP12.

i have a calendar, using portals to refresh data across the calendar layout.  when one user is looking at a record, if another user changes the layout on 'their' instance, (different user account) the layout will change across each persons screen currently looking at that layout.

Additionally, the same thing happens only occasionally on a data entry layout i've created for the scheduling of the said calendar.  It does have some hidden portals on it as well because i have scripts that auto-update the clients and appointments on different tables.

We started just as a shared file w/out server, and switched it to the server thinking that may assist but we have the same issue.  if anyone knows an answer it would be most appreciated.

is this a bug, or something i've done to create this?  i've also made completely separate layouts and had users on the separate layouts and the same thing happens.

thanks for any help.