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Help with layouts!

Question asked by user14830 on Aug 25, 2010
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Help with layouts!


Hello All!

Thanks to the very supportive geniuses on this forum I have been able to design a database that is doing ALMOST everything I'd like it to.  

If you can help me with my latest challenge I would appreciate it.  I'm using FM11.  Below is my primary layout.  As you will see I have a 'grid', (for lack of a better name), that has a 'player name' with a line of number fields.  When a 'player' is eliminated, his 'line' is dark to represent that he is no longer there.

What I would like to do is have my TAB ORDER and SCRIPTS skip over the fields, (or cells), that are dark. Is there a way to do this????

Thanks in advance for your help.