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Help With List Field

Question asked by mgxdigital on Jan 14, 2011
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Help With List Field



I have 2 databases: control and customers

In customer database: there is a customer table and a sales rep table. These are related through sales rep ID.

My control and customers databases are related through a Customer ID.

Currently, i have a portal on a layout in my control database that shows  all of my sales reps. I made a count field in my customer table that counts the number of accounts created within a certain period of time.

My portal on my control shows each salesperson and the number of accounts created during a date range. This part works great. I'm haivng trouble getting a list field to generate the names of the customer accounts that were created during the date range.

I've been able to have the portal show every account for each sales rep, but not just the ones created during the time period.