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    Help With Lists



      Help With Lists


      We are using Filemaker Pro to manage an art estate. When we make a temp list of works of art we are able to sort the list by date. When we save the list it reverts to being sorted by ID number as opposed to sorting by date.

      Any advice would be appreciated!

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          What exactly is the difference between "When we make a temp list of works of art" and "When we save the list"?


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            I believe that you are saving finds and since the sort order is not saved with the find, you have to sort them each time. Saving a find just saves the criteria used to perform that find and nothing else.

            You might want to set up a table where you store both the criteria and the desired sort order (unless the sort order is the same in all cases.) A script can then use the stored criteria to perfom the find and also to sort the records for you.