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Help with local variables

Question asked by john.s on Aug 18, 2014
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Help with local variables



     I'm trying to use a local variable and need some help.

     I have two summary fields in a table.  "TotalRecordCount"  counts the total number of records and "RecordsWithCategory"  counts the number of records with a category.  Both summary totals seem to be giving the correct results.

     I have a script that sets a variable  $NoCategory with a value of the (TotalRecordCount - RecordsWithCategory)

     I want to bring up a custom dialog if the value is greater than 0 but that is not working.  The custom Dialog comes up every time even when both totals are equal...which should produce a value of 0 in the least that is what I think

     If [$NoCategory > 0}

      Show Custom Dialog...

     What am I doing wrong?