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Help with Lookups

Question asked by BrianKolb on Sep 9, 2010
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Help with Lookups


I am using the built in purchase order starter solution and am trying to incorporate our previous inventory list to help with entering data.  I want to have it so when the user clicks on the part number box, it opens with the numbers from our database, and when a part number is selected, the part description and price automatically are entered in the corresponding fields.  I have been able to do this for one part, using a lookup, but when I try to do it again, the part description for the very first part number is all that will show up in subsequent part description lookup fields in browse view. I want to make it so the part description is based off of the directly preceeding part number, so that it will lookup in the inventory database for that part number and return the correct description.  This way I can enter multiple parts drawing from the one database.  Does anyone have any suggestions please?