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Help with loop

Question asked by TysonBoelman on Jul 7, 2014
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Help with loop


     I've got a database that I'm trying to make to track hours of contractors we hire during a job. I have two layouts built, both of them are almost the same thing but on my main page I have start / stop times with totals, the location, the job number and the contractors name. On the other page it has all the same stuff but just has more places to enter different contractors who were working that same job and times. I've built a script step that will copy the information and store it into a variable then go to the single contractor layout and make a new record and paste all the information into the fields.

     The reason for this is to make it a bit faster to enter daily times for a large group of people on one layout and let the script step do the labor for me.

     The main layout is called Time Sheets, this is the one that has only one contractor in it. The other layout, the one I'm exporting this information from and has multiple contractors listed is called Adding Data


     So I have 11 fields available to enter a contractors name into on my Adding Data layout,



     Contractors Copy

     Contractors Copy2...... all the way to 10


     Also have a loop calculation field that will tell me when I hit an empty field to exit the loop so that I'm not making a copy of empty contractor field names and creating time sheets for nobody.


     My question is how to start the loop, I don't know how to say

     start at field:contractors


     do your magic

     go to contractors copy

     do your magic

     go to contractors copy2

     end loop if

     exit loop

     and where do i put the exit loop if?


     Thanks in advance