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    Help with military time



      Help with military time


      I am doing a simple time calculation but for some reason I can not figure this out. Can someone PLEASE help me!!!

      I have two fields, "Start of Watch" and "End of Watch". Both fields types are set as time. I have both fields set to display in military time.

      I need to take the "Start of Watch" time and add 10 hours to it and have it automatically populate the "End of Watch" time with the end result. I did a simple calculation to accomplish this;

      In the End of Watch field: Start of Watch + 36000

      Though the field displays the time properly, once you click in the field it displays the seconds. I cant have the seconds display in the "End of Watch" field as i am using the fields value in some forms. Every time i do any sort of calculation with time it adds the seconds. I cant find a formatting option to tell it not to display the seconds.

      Please end my misery and help me....