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Help with Multiple Match Fields related to same Table

Question asked by GuilhermePrudente on Mar 25, 2013
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Help with Multiple Match Fields related to same Table


     Hello guys,

     this is my first post here at the FM forum. Just a little info: I only have 1 month of experience with FM, but I feel I am learning quite fast. I'm a programmer/comp-sci new-grad. I have been reading around a lot and I got stuck in a fairly simple problem(I imagine it's simple) but I just can't get my head around it.

     The situation is:

     I have a table called Itinerary, which has two fields to represent addresses(Address from,Address to). I also have a table called Address, and the fields from Itinerary relate to Address by relationship(fk_AddressFromID and fk_AddressToID).

     Each Address has a fk_ServiceCodeID, and there's a table ServiceCode(fields: ServiceCodeID,Location,Surcharge) and another one called ServiceCode_Lines, which relates ServiceCodes(fk_ServiceCodeFromID,fk_serviceCodeToID,price)





     ID:1 Name: ABC bla bla bla bla fk_serviceCodeID: 1

     ID:2 Name: ABC bla bla bla bla fk_serviceCodeID: 2




     ID:1 Location: Iowa Surcharge:$0

     ID:2 Location: Nebraska Surcharge:$0




     serviceCodeFromID:1 serviceCodeToID:2 Price:$90 


     So, on the layout representing Itinerary, for the fields AddressFrom and AddressTo,I need to select from a Value List, related to the Address table(showing all addresses), the Addresses From and To. That will set the IDs... Then I need on the same layout to have the serviceCodes from each of them shown, and then the price that is established from this relation.

     What I used to have was:

     (Table Occurrences)

     Itinerary - Address From - ServiceCode From - ServiceCode_Lines From

     Itinerary - Address To - ServiceCode To - ServiceCode_Lines To

     Note: Can't connect Itinerary - Address To - ServiceCode_Lines because it forms a cycle

     The ideal, in my head, would be that Address related to ServiceCode and ServiceCode_Lines only once, but the fields in Itinerary can relate to the Address table without having to have separate Table Occurrences.


     If anyone can shine a light or give me a hint on what I'm missing, I would be much appreciated. This is a re-ocurring problem in a few of my layouts, and I need to figure out how to have that kind of structure!

     Sorry for long post, and thanks!