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    Help with multiple same names



      Help with multiple same names


      Working on a golf outing registration program for a not-for-profit.  As participants are added to the event, I need to see if the golfer exists in their contact table, this is not an issue - until there are multiple golfers with the same name, for example "Joe Smith". I need an elegant way to display the multiples and display an additional identifier so the person entering the information may select the correct person or, if the golfer happens to be another "joe smith" have the user directed to enter the new "joes" information in the contact table. 

      I have looked at validation using value lists, but there are too many names to choose from, making a dropdown list too big.  I have also considered displaying a filtered portal pick list, but this wont work because the participant is being added via a portal and this is a windows solution so displaying multiple windows causes issues with re-sizing.  

      Open to ideas, thanks!


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          What about a conditional value list that only show the Joe Smith's?

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            What if you wouldn't add people inside the portal itself but in two temp fields outside the portal.

            You enter the name and click a button to add the player to the portal.

            This button performs a find in your player table. If no player with that name is found the player is added.

            If one player with the same name is found this players info is shown. There is the question: "Is this the same player?"

            You click yes to select this player, or no to create a new player.

            If multiple players with the same name are found a list is shown with name, address, phone number, email or any data that could uniquely identify them.

            There you again have the option to either select one or create a new one.

            All of this would require you to go to another layout depending if one or multiple matches have been found.

            It also requires you to have multiple scripts start and stop so you might need global fields or global variables to keep track of the names you entered and the person you might have chosen.

            I don't know if this kind of system might work for you.

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              Thanks for your response.  I have a basic knowledge of conditional value lists, and I could base the condition between the participant and contact tables but I am not sure how this would play out.  Currently the Participant Name is an edit box field, I had thought about using a dropdown value list but there are too many names. A conditional value list would reduce the number of names and allow validation as the entry could be required to be a member of a value list, however, I can't see how to implement it.  The initial entry of the name would be required to create the condition.   Where / how would the value list be used?  

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                Thanks for the reply.  Your suggestion would work, and will most likely be how I move forward.  I was just curious (and being lazy) to see if someone else had any easier way to address this.  Thanks for the your time.

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                  It's possible to set up a text field with a value list of names (not IDs) set to auto-complete on the name.

                  Selecting a name from the list looks up the ID from the customer table, but also triggers a script. The script checks to see how many related records match by name to the name entered. If no matches exist, the script displays a custom dialog offering to create a new record using the new name. If there are multiple matches, a new window opens listing the matching names similar to Guy's description asking the user to click a name in order to select the specific person they want.

                  Note that this method uses two relationships to two occurrences of your customers. One matches by name field and is only used by this look up method to find and enter the customer ID. The other relationship matches by customer ID and thus does not have issues with duplicate names.

                  A working example of this method along with a number of other value selection methods may be found in:

                  "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection"

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                    Thanks Phil....

                    That's what I was looking for.