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Help with multiple same names

Question asked by JeffTomb on Jul 8, 2015
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Help with multiple same names


Working on a golf outing registration program for a not-for-profit.  As participants are added to the event, I need to see if the golfer exists in their contact table, this is not an issue - until there are multiple golfers with the same name, for example "Joe Smith". I need an elegant way to display the multiples and display an additional identifier so the person entering the information may select the correct person or, if the golfer happens to be another "joe smith" have the user directed to enter the new "joes" information in the contact table. 

I have looked at validation using value lists, but there are too many names to choose from, making a dropdown list too big.  I have also considered displaying a filtered portal pick list, but this wont work because the participant is being added via a portal and this is a windows solution so displaying multiple windows causes issues with re-sizing.  

Open to ideas, thanks!