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    Help with my first database!



      Help with my first database!


      Hi there!

      I have an issue that I need a bit of help with. This is my first time using FileMaker and I have one issue in particular. What I am trying to create is a general contact database for clients. The issue I am having is as follows:What I would like to do it be able to enter a sale which inbcludes what was purchased, the date, quantity, price, and method of payment and then be able to click a button and it saves and comes up with a new blank sales record for the same contact.I have been trying to figure out how to do this and I think its time to ask for a bit of help. I know it may seem a bit elementary but any help would be appreciated.



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          Are you using an Invoice layout where the list of items purchased are listed in a portal? That's a frequent method for setting up invoices.


          Do you want a new invoice or just a new item for the same invoice to appear when the button is clicked?

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            You create a Client Database with required client information.

            You need to include a unique client ID.

            You create a Sales Database with required product information.

            You need to include a client ID field in this database also.

            You create a relationship between the Client Database client ID and the Sales Database client ID.

            The Client Database contains only one record with a given client ID, the Sales Database can contain zero to many records with a matching Client ID number. 


            David Anders 

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              Is there any way to do it without creating another database?


              Can I get it to update a table with the information from 4 different fields?


              This is just to record the sale.  The accounting is going to be done in a different program.  This just needs the quantity, date, total sale, and disocunts.   Put those in, click save and I want them to show up in the contact as a table with a list of sales to that client.


              Can that be done easily without using another datebase? 

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                Yes, this can all be done in one database. With the later versions of Filemaker, you can create any number of tables all in one file.


                Can it be done easily? That depends on your definition of "easy" and exactly what you are trying to do.


                You've posted a general description of what you are trying to do, but the devil is in the details.


                If you can fill in a few more details about how you've set up your database and maybe give an example of what you want to see happen when that button is clicked, we'll have a better chance at being able to help you.

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                  Well I went the hard way and created a new DB for the POs.  Now, the question I have is in the above post it says to have a unique number for each contact.


                  Does each record contain a unique number to begin with or is there a formula that will create a new number with ever record?  That way i can jsut relate the field to the other DB and have that create a new record when I click the button.


                  Is that about right?



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                    The Contact Database (or Table, I am from FMP ver2 times) would contain an auto enter Unique ID field.

                    When you create the field, you have OPTIONS.

                    You can say start with 0001 and increment by 1.

                    You can say start with ID#001 and increment by 1 (or 2, etc)

                    If you have 10 Contacts, create the ID field, fill it in for the existing Contacts.

                    Then change the OPTIONS to Auto Enter and start with 0011 or ID0011 or whatever.


                    You might find it useful to include an autocreate creation date field and modified field, both have OPTIONS.

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                      Ok....I think Im almost there!


                      I have a DB setup for the contact information.  I have another Db with the PO information (the template with the Purchase Order and Line tables).  I have it all related that when something is typed in the contact DB it relates to eh PO DB.  Now....here is the question.


                      I am trying to setup a portal that will show certain fields from the PO.  I only want to show the POs that are for the unique number associated with the record I am on.  How do I do this? 


                      Now since this is honestly my first time playing around with this....I may be a little slow.   I jumped into this and have found most of it easy.  Its just the finer points that I need a little help with.


                      Thank you all for everything.  This has made it a lot easier to get this finished!



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                        Or how would I do the same thing with tables?


                        How do I create a separate table and have it contain all the same fields from the PO form and then have the table information shown in a portal.  

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                          When you create a portal, it is based on an existing or new relationship between two databases or tables.

                          Double clicking a portal will show the relationship being used.

                          Fields placed in the portal are also based on the same relationship, if not, they will not show data from the related database or portal.


                          A search of filemaker.com brought up many broken links about portal creation, check your Filemaker help menu.