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Help with my order page please (auto fill in)

Question asked by Stuee on Feb 16, 2011
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Help with my order page please (auto fill in)


Hi, could someone please look at my order page and tell me what i need to do to make all 4 orders work.

The problem i have is i chose the item/colour/size in order one and when all are in the correct order they produce the price below which is great. but when i do the same on order 2 it shows already the price from order one?

i need to have this all one one page and was thinking of making individual order pages but when i get this running it will take ages inputting info each time.

file is here

also if someone can also help. i want on the layout7 page (list) so if i click on the persons name it shows all there orders in a list.

aaaannnddd.... when input a order and it shows me the stock level, i put in the qty thats being ordered and when i submit the record it subtracts the qty from the stock on hand.

thanks in advance.