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Help with my product info

Question asked by pedramp on Jul 30, 2013
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Help with my product info


     Hello everyone.

     i have created a inventory page which all the information about the products information are listed. its made of 4 main parts. 1- Item Info    2- Sale History    3- Order History   4- Location


     I have also created a layout to print basic prodcuts info.


     now i need help with two things if anyone could help me i really appricated. 

     first as you can see in my print out layout, there are some items which have been sold out and in it show the number zero. what i want is to show only items available so any item which is zero does not show up or printed.

     second help is that as you can see in my order history, there are items that i have purchased from diffrent seller or same seller but diffrent price. so the profit i make would be diffrent.

     right now its been set to check for price and quanitiy that the item was sold with price and quantity with item was purchased and show me the profit . this is formula i used  (Quantity * Price)-(Quantity * Order_History::Price_per_Item)

     but what is to move to next purchase and use that price in order to calculate the profit.


     thx in advanced.