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Help with my relationships

Question asked by JaimeHorton on Sep 17, 2013
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Help with my relationships


     hello again everyone 

     this question should be pretty simple, i struggle to wrap my head around relationships in file maker. i'm new but i'm learning 

     ok so 

     i'm making a concert advance database 

     i have a main layout COnfirmation where all the basic info is entered about the show, what i would like to do is add a number of additonal tables to enter other data related to the one show. things like catering and labor calls ect ect. im thinking i create tables for them all and link to the main confirmation table 

     however it doesn't create new records for the catering and labor when i create a new record on the confirmation, i have them linked with the confirmation as the parent and the others as foregn keys 

     i would like to be able to create a new show and have all the following areas create new records and the data match and follow along with the main page 


     i know this will be simple for someone but it boggles me 

     Thanks in advance