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Help with Parent and Child Tables

Question asked by Fxguy on May 15, 2010
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Help with Parent and Child Tables


I am trying to create a Check In Database for our Children's Ministry. Forgive me for forgetting much of my database training that was in Access. What I've done is set up two tables, a parent table and a child table.  On the Child Form I want to sent up a portal that lists the parents allowed to drop off each child. The problem is that each child will have multiple parents allowed to drop off (Assuming a mom, dad, guardian style relationship) and a parent can have multiple children. I set up a ChildID field in both tables, which I can get to link the first record, but that is all. I'm so lost! In access terms it would be a many-to-many relationship. Any thoughts on how I can have the first and last name for each parent appear on the corresponding childs form?