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    Help with PDF File to Print



      Help with PDF File to Print


           I have created a FM Pro 11 Adavanced DataBase for student and to track their assignments. When I student completes an assignment I note the date completed and mark the assignemnt "Completed" in a drop down box. Beside eash assignment I have an area I call an action area where I would like to put a button and be able to click that button and send a PDF file (assignment) to the student via email, or a printrer. I cannot for the life of me soert this one out.

           In the image below the area Called Action would be a button that would print the assignment to a printer or email it to the student. I do have room to put 2 buttons 1 each for each task.

           The only thing I want to do in a nutshell is: How can you set up a button that will print a presaves PDF file and possibly give you the option to email it. I do not want to create a PDF based on the database, only print a specific PDF file I already have in the database. (The blue radio button on the image below is what I want to click to print a specific PDF.



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               Without knowing more about the design of your database, we really can't make much in the way of specific instructions. Off hand, it looks like you have either a repeating field of 17 repetitions or 17 individual fields. Either design approach imposes complications that can be reduced/avoided if you set up each row of fields in your screen shot as a separate record. Each such record can then be linked via a relationship to your table of students.

               Here is a link to a threaed on saving PDF's in a script that may help get you started with the PDF saving part of this project: Found Sets to PDF with unique file names

               Once you can use a script to save the PDF, the same $Path variable can be used to attach the PDF to an email should you want to do that.