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    Help with PDF Files for Correspondence Log



      Help with PDF Files for Correspondence Log




           I'm creating a Correspondence Log.  We would like to have a page per client and then list all of the correspondence.  We PDF all of our client letters so we'd like to be able to include the PDFs and then just click on them and open them.

           Is that possible?




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               You can certainly have 1 record for each client. But there is no way to know if that will require 1 page or many pages to list all of the data associated with each client. Your PDF files can be inserted into container fields of a related table and then there are two ways that a mouse click can "open" them:


               Clients::__pkClientID = Documents::_fkClientID

               For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

               Each record in Documents would have one container field. A portal to Documents can be place on Clients to list all Documents for that one Client. You can also set up a list view layout based on Documents with scripts that limit the current found set to all records for a specific Client and you can include fields from Clients on this layout to show you which client is currently selected. This second option is more complex to implement but allows you to use container fields that are optimized for interactive content--which is a nice FileMaker 12 option for PDF's in container fields.

               A button in that portal row or in the body of that Documents based Layout can do one of things:

          1.           It can perform a script that uses Export Field Contents to export a copy of the file and open it in your computer's default application for reading a PDF.
          3.           It can open a new window and switch to a layout where a container field fills the window. The container field on this layout can be optimized for interactive content (FIleMaker 12 only) and thus you can page through the PDF right in the container field.