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Help with percentage calculation

Question asked by pinocchio on Nov 5, 2012
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Help with percentage calculation


     Hi !

     I have built a database that contains information on selected print media (magazines), prices on specific formats and a field that holds the discount rate. The discount has been entered as e.g. "15" for 15%.

     My problem is, that I cannot seem to get a proper calculation that gives me the price after rebate has been subtracted. I realize, that all I have to do is to multiply the base price by 0,85 - but how do I convert the "15" to 0,85 ? I have tried this in the calculation field, but it does not generate the proper value:

     (AdType1 * Price1) + (AdType2 * Price2) * (100 - Rebate) / 100

     Hope someone can help!