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Help with physician and referral database

Question asked by SKY on Nov 11, 2010
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Help with physician and referral database


I'm new at filemaker, and am trying to design a database that can keep track of my patient referrals as well as the physicians that refer them.  I would like to be able to have my medical assistant take a new patient and as they are being checked in or preferrably before hand when the appointemnt is being scheduled and enter in all the patient's information along with the referring physician.  As you might imagine, there are many physicians that will refer to me, so it may not be feasable to have a dropdown list as this could get quite long and it will be growing.  I would like that to trigger an occurnace or open a new record for the referring phycian if this is the first time they have referred to me.  I also would like some how to not get duplicates of the same physician if for some reason my medical assistant puts in the middle initial one time and not the next (or have a way that minimizes this chance).  Then on a separate table, I would like records of my referring physicians with a portal on each record of the patient's they have referred to me.

Any thoughts?  I'm having problems with the best way to accomplish this.  Thanks in advance.