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Help with pic2shop (iphone) barcoding sysem and FM!

Question asked by RyHanlon on Jun 21, 2011
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Help with pic2shop (iphone) barcoding sysem and FM!


I hope you can help! Thanks in advance.
(I'll tell you my hardware and software details first)
XP computer
Iphone 3GS mobile phone

Filemaker PRO Advanced 11
Filemaker GO (for Iphone)
Pic2shop (for Iphone)
Pic2Shop PRO (for iphone)
(I'm farly new to all of this)

Here's my dilemma:
I want to integrate FM and P2S (pro), creating a database/ inventory for my home business.
I have all of the database ready, however I need to get the barcoding system working. 
I want to use my Iphone to scan my stock to keep track on the good numbers. I've seen it done
before but I just need to know what scripts ect I need to be able to, ideally (press scan on my Iphone
(or PC) and then the app changes to P2S, collects the barcode from scan, and then changes back
to FM to record the barcode) 

There surly must be a way to do this, I hope you can help and if not point me in the right diretion.