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    Help with Pie Charts



      Help with Pie Charts


      Hello, I am having some trouble with pie charts and I hoping to get an idea of what I am doing wrong. I have a database of students and tests that they have taken. Using these tests I can see whether or not they improved their scores. I only care about whether they have increased, decreased, or stayed the same. 

      I have one field with a value list for each student that calculates based on the scores "increase" or "decrease" or "same"

      I need to be able to search the database for a group of students, and make a pie chart showing how many increased decreased or stayed the same. I have been using find to get a found set, but when I bring them to the layout with the pie chart, they all show up as seperate increaseses. I have 200 different increase, 100 different decrease. how do i them together? I know this is a simple problem, I just have a time crunch right now and need a little explanation.