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Help with Pop-up Menu/Layout Functionality

Question asked by lorigar on Jul 24, 2012
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Help with Pop-up Menu/Layout Functionality


Hello -

I am new to Filemaker and have a question regarding Pop-up menus.   I've watched tutoials on and searched online for an answer, but I think I'm just missing something basic and am hoping to get some help to get me unstuck.

I have a layout called Employee View based on the Employees table.

As you can see from the screen shots, I've added a Pop-up Menu field at the top, but it's not working like I want.

What I want to happen is to pick from the list of employees and then the Employee Details, Address, Contact change based to correspond to the selected employee in the Pop-up Menu field.

I've included screen shots of my relationships, Employee View layout and the error message I get when attempting to select a different Employee from the Pop-up Menu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.