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help with populating a field in two different ways

Question asked by matronryan on Dec 9, 2011
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help with populating a field in two different ways


I'm designing a database for a charity I'm involved in. It primary purpose is to record donations. The main table records the actual event (e.g a fund raising event) and this is related to a the line credit debit table where the actual individual amounts are recorded for that event (e.g. a record for each person that donated with their amount etc for that event).

This works fine when I'm entering the individuals as I have a the Donot Name field related to the doner detail table so you just pick for the list of donors that are in the doner detail table and the DonorDetailID field (in the Line Credit Debit table) is completed as a look up - all works fine


I also have a script that allocated Standing orders on a monthly basis.  In effect this script takes all the standing orders for that month creates a standing order event for that month and tires to populate the line credit debit table by popluating the DonorDetainID field which I thought would automatically populate the Donor Name field - it doesn't and therefore I'm stuch.

ANy help that can be provided will be gratefully received.


PS I'm a filemaker newbie so don't laugh at my design!