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    help with portal



      help with portal



           I have a basketball database and my current player profile looks like this (image). What I need to do is to create a portal exactly behind the field "Best Role" and there display all the other records (players) who fulfill the same criteria (best role) Problem is, I can't import records from the same table in the portal. Any ideas on how I should make this up?



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               But you can use a portal to show records from the same table, as long as you refer to a related Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of that same table.

               Open manage | Database | Relationships.

               Select the table occurrence that you selected in Layout Setup | Show Records From for the layout you've shown in your screen shot by clicking it.

               Make a copy of this table occurrence by clicking the duplicate button (Two green plus signs).

               You have not duplicated your table, you have just created a new reference to the same table.

               Now link this new occurrence to the original occurrence in a relationship and return to your layout where you can now set up a portal on your layout that refers to this new, related table occurrence.

               PS. this is called a "self join" relationship as you have linked a table to itself in a relationship.

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                 It worked great. Thanks for helping me.

                 Here's what I'm getting now: (pic)

                 Let's say that I want to add one more wrinkle to the portal. I not only want to show the players within the same best role, but I'd also like to get those who are Euroleague franchise players (like the one in the pic). What type of calculation or Relationships should I add to get the result I want?

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                   Do you want to see "players within the same best role" AND that are Euroleague franchise players?

                   You can either include Euroleague as a second match field in the relationship or add a portal filter that filters for a specific value in the EuroLeague field.

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                     Yes, I want exactly that. I tried to add a few more filters to the portal but I failed. I'm not familiar with the calculations I suppose...