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Help with portal calculation

Question asked by john.s on Dec 26, 2013
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Help with portal calculation


     I have a layout with three portals each on a tab and want to show the total number of records in each portal as the tab is selected.  I've tried to use the sum and count functions and get very strange results. I am using the same logic for the count as I do for filtering the portal but yikes nothing works.

     Here is the script I'm using

     If (
          IsEmpty ( Seniors::SessionDate )
         IsEmpty ( Seniors::RetakeDate )
         Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) +1 = Seniors::GraduationYear;
     Count (Seniors::SessionDate)
     The Layout is based on the Schools Table with records from the associated Seniors Table.  The portal works fine it is the count that I can't figure out.  This screen shot shows one of the Schools which correctly returns twelve records in the portal but the count is 8 from my calculation.  I have the same problem on each tab only with different weird results
     I'm new to FM and at a loss.