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Help with Portal display/relate with a checkbox

Question asked by user22711 on Apr 26, 2014
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Help with Portal display/relate with a checkbox


I need some help on a portal display solution. There are two related tables, Products and Locations using location name as a match field. Looking for a graceful way for users to assign them to one another (for example Postcards & Business Cards are available from the California and New Jersey, but not Colorado printing location) using a portal. What I am looking to do is on the layout/form for setting up the product, is show each location in the portal with a checkbox for assignment. I'm currently using a relationship that allows for creation of each related location record and uses a drop down for the location ID and a lookup for the location name. It works fine but a user can assign a location twice as it is setup now. I'd be grateful for any direction on how to set up the portal so all of the available locations are listed and a checkbox assigns the actual relationship.