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Help with Portal for a Registration Database

Question asked by Tusquittee on Jan 18, 2013
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Help with Portal for a Registration Database



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I'm creating a continuing ed database.  Academic Years have Sessions.  Sessions have Classes.  Those specific classes are from a body of courses that all students must eventually take.  Students have specific registrations that include these classes as well as invoicing information.  Registrations and Classes are joined by a Registration Data table that allows me to match the specific class ID with a specific registration ID.  

I have a registration detail layout from the Registration Tbl which includes a portal with line items from the registration data.  Currently, the portal is setup so that Class Name is a drop down item that shows ALL Classes. I created a value list from field Classes::Class Name.  Understandably, that shows every single class, from every session, from every academic year.

I would like for that portal to only show classes from a particular academic year.  However, from time to time the registrar will need to register students not in the current academic year.  I’m not certain that using a portal is the best way to register students, but is there a way to filter the results of that drop down list?

Finally... It seems to me there should be a way to create a window that allows the user to select a specific academic year.  This would bring up session items.  User could select a session, which would bring up available classes... and then I imagine they would like to select multiple classes and then all of this information fill into multiple line items on that portal. Is this setup possible?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might offer..