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Help with Portal Script (rows)

Question asked by BillieMead on Nov 11, 2013
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Help with Portal Script (rows)


     Hi all,

     I have a table for tracking time [timedata_tracking] which is in essence a timesheet with activity codes and am using a related table [breaktime_data] to track timestamped breaks (in and out timestamps). I placed [breaktime_data] in a portal (Allowing records to be created) and am using two scripted buttons for clocking out and in of breaks. The Clock Out script (Img attached) checks first to see if user entered a break_type ("Break" or "Lunch", each with different time allowances). But I am stumbling because of the fact the Filemaker always has an extra row shown in the portal so even if the last row has data input, the script loops to a new row and finds the field is empty.

     Thanks for any suggestions, I'm sure the answer it's a simple solution.