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help with portal set up

Question asked by kenne120 on Feb 18, 2014
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help with portal set up




     I am attempting to set up a portal and am not entirely sure if the problem is in my relationships diagram, or if I’m trying to get the portal to do something that just isn’t possible- any insight would be much appreciated! I’m pretty new to FileMaker, so it could very well be my inexperience is causing me to miss some simple step in the portal set up process…




     The database I am working on is intended to organize information about students who have completed programming through our office. (We are a teacher education/enrichment program based within the college of education at a large state university.) I have it set up so that each new student record is assigned an auto-entered, unique serial number upon creation. (kp_StudentID)



     My intention is for there to be only two layouts: Student and School. The Student layout displays info on individual students (address, phone number, test scores, graduation year, etc). Most importantly, this layout keeps track of the employment history of each student- the name of the school(s) they’ve taught at, grade level, subject, and what years they were employed at the school. The School layout shows contact information for an individual school, and I am trying to set up a portal that would display related records of students who have worked at that school, what years they worked there, grade level taught/subject, etc. (Each school is also assigned a unique, auto entered serial number as well. kp_SchoolID)


     I’ve entered a few records in the School layout, and entered corresponding information in the Student layout in their employment info, but so far I have not been able to get the portal to display the related records.


     I've included a picture of my relationships diagram, hopefully this helps- and if there is any other information/screenshots I can upload to assist someone in how to answer my question, please do let me know.

     Thank you!