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Help with portals

Question asked by fbugeja on Oct 29, 2012
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Help with portals


I work for a not-for-profit charity and I want to create a contacts database to amalgamate a number of contacts spreadsheets into one Filemaker Pro File the staff are currently using On each contact's record I want to display their donation history by having a portal which shows the following: DONATION DATE DONATION AMOUNT RECEIPT NUMBER DONATION PURPOSE Below the portal I want to have an "Add Donation" button which goes to another layout (in the same file) which has the following fields: DONATION DATE DONATION AMOUNT RECEIPT NUMBER DONATION PURPOSE When they click the "Add Donation" button to go the the Donations layout, a new record is created where the details are entered. A button on this record then sends them back to the original client's record - with the donation details now highlighted in the portal on the client's record The file would have 2 tables, table 1 with all the contact fields relating to the client (name, address, etc) and table 2 with the Donation Date, Donation Amount, Receipt Number and Donation Purpose fields. There would be 2 layouts, layout 1 with all the contact fields and table 2 with all the donation detail fields. So far my efforts at making this work have not been successful. I am well aware that there needs to be a relation between the 2 layouts for the portal to correctly operate. I should mention that my 2 layouts did have a field called Code - indexed, auto serial number. I would be very grateful if someone could create a working demo of the above that I can pull apart to see the scripts, relationships, etc. I am using FP8 at the moment. Frank (