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Help with portals and relationships

Question asked by wvo on Oct 18, 2011
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Help with portals and relationships


I need very basic relationship help, please.  (I'm using Filemaker 10 currently.)  I have a database that assigns interns to locations – two tables – LOCATION and INTERN. The Intern can be assigned to Location1 for x number of weeks and Location2 for x number of weeks.

Tables:                        LOCATION         INTERN

Match Field:                  LOCLoc            INTLoc1

Interns are assigned to their locations using drop down lists based on LOCLoc.

I have inserted a portal into a letter to the host location that shows their assigned intern(s) for the upcoming period.  How do I establish the relationship to INTLoc2 in order for Interns assigned to the host location for the second period to show up in the portal?  Third table? Lookups?  (Apparently help in the relationship tutorials are alluding me.)  What other info do you need from me?   Thanks.