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Help with Print Script - paper size keeps changing

Question asked by ChristineWilson on May 12, 2014
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Help with Print Script - paper size keeps changing


     First of all, I am new at Filemaker. I am an admin. assistant at a small, two employee non-profit that uses filemaker as our database.

     I am trying to create a script that will print:

  1.           An invoice on letterhead to Printer A
  3.           An envelope to Printer B

     Setting up the print script is super easy, in theory. But I am having issues when I try to specify the print size. To print the invoice, I set the paper size to letter. Then to print the envelope, I do a second print script and specify the paper size to "Envelope #10". This is where I run into problems because somehow, the paper size on the first print script is automatically changed to "Envelope #10".

     Can someone please help me solve this issue?