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    Help with Quick Find in iOS



      Help with Quick Find in iOS


       Hi everyone, I have a data base with a lot of people because I have a Casting Agency. Usually from my laptop I use the quick find from the top menu and search items like ¨blond¨ or ¨blue eyes¨ and the system give me all the associated results. Usually I use my database from my iPhone but the quick search iOS dont let me find any other items except for the name and last name. What should I do? move? edit? Thanks Everyone and sorry for my english.

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               Open the file on your computer, find the layout in question--I'm guessing that you have a layout customized for your iPhone. Quick find will search in all fields present on that layout where "Include Field for Quick Find" is selected on the Inspector's data tab. Thus the design of your layout may limit the scope of your quick find search.