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Help with Quick Find Script

Question asked by Rcannon95 on Jun 27, 2014
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Help with Quick Find Script


     I am trying to do a quick find script that only shows records where the Company Field Matches the CompanySort Field, which is a global variable, preferably with only that exact match. Both fields are text fields. I am also having this problem with finding records between two dates, which are also global variables. It says "No Records Match This Find Criteria". I have the drop down for CompanySort populated by all the values for the Company field. Date, Start Date, and End Date are all set to be Date Fields.

     None of these Company searches work.


     The second one for the Company,  "Exact ( Budget::Company ; Budget::CompanySort )" will pull up records, but they are completely wrong and the same 11 records each time. I filtered by company ABC

     Thanks for all your help.