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Help with Realtionship tables

Question asked by IainBennett-Hobbs on Feb 24, 2015
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Help with Realtionship tables


Dear all,

I have just returned to using filemaker pro after a five year abscence and managed to lock myself out of my previous databases - hence i have to start again and am somewhat rusty. Looking for some help or guidance on setting up relationship tables for a pesticide application program.


In brief:

File one = chemical products database (each chemical has a unique id)

File Two = Location database (each location on the farm has a unique name or id)

File three = Application register : this file has a unique id for each application sheet. An application sheet can have more than one chemical and more than one location. This file is used to create the application sheet (similar to an invoice) so the operater has all the information and chemicals and locations to apply


I now need to set up a portal within file three so that each location can be added and has a unique treatment id - this allows me to record actual information against each location and use thsi information for future reports.


I cannot recall how to do this so would appreciate some guidance if tehre are any helpfull souls out there?


Many thanks