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    Help with relating fixed data to other fixed data?



      Help with relating fixed data to other fixed data?


      This is probably a really simple question, but I'm a new user with little database experience. I work for an oil and gas company and I'm having a few issues with relationship and my records. Here's what I've got so far.

      I've got one table set up with the following fields: Property_Name, Property_No, Company, and Field

      I'm trying to link the Property_Name with the other 3 fields (Property_No, Company, and Field) since that information never changes. The overall goal would be to do a Drop Down List of the Property_Names, select one and then the rest of the information fields fill in with the Property_No, Company, and Field. 

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          There are two basic approaches depending on the data and how you intend to use it:

          Auto Fill

          To me, the dynamic method described in the above link would seem a good choice here.

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            if the rest of the fields are filled automaticaly from another table, lets say A (Name_A, No_A, Company_A, Field_A)

            u can :

            1 - link Name_A == Property_Name

            2 - in manage database, set the rest of the fields of your main table ( the one containing roperty_Name, Property_No, Company, and Field ) as autocalculated from table A

            with : Property_No==No_A, Company = Company_A, Field==Field_A

            3 - create a list box on the field  roperty_Name containing the names of the proprety names.

            When you select a proprety name from the list box, filemaker will do the identification with the table A (it could be more the 1 table : A, B, C, .... it depends on if u did the appropriate links in manage --> database --> relationships) to display the related data in the rest of the fields.

            (the link proposed by PhilModJunk is very helpful)


            any ather questions are welcomed :D

            good luck



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              I don't recommend physically copying data from one table to another via look ups or other auto-enter options unless you need to capture current values from a look up table where the values change from time to time and you don't want the changes to update existing records. Looking up prices from a price list would be an example of where you would physically copy the data as you wouldn't want a price change to alter past sales transactions.

              If the data is truly "static" like it is described here, copying the data over means that should you actually have to update some of this data (such as to correct a mistake), you'd have to update all the records where this data was copied instead of updating a single record in the table of static data.