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Help with relational button script

Question asked by JaredEkas on Mar 6, 2012
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Help with relational button script



I have two tables.  Opportunities and Quotes.  Opportunities has a parent key of (k_ID_Opportunity)  Quotes has a child key of (kf_ID_Opportunity)  These have a one to many relationship 1 opp to many quotes.

In my opportunity Record Detail, i have sucessfully inserted a portal which displays only the related quotes.  Where my issue lies is i am trying to create a button which lets you create a new quote, and relate it to the current opportunity without having to manually populate the (kf_ID_Opportunity) field in the quote detail.

So far i have only been able to create a new quote, but i cant get it to populate the child key to match the opportunity which the button is pressed in the opportunity from.   Here is my code, i have mixed this around with no luck.   Please help me with whats wrong.

Set Variable [$ID_Opportunity; Value:Opportunities::k_ID_Opportunity

Go To Layout [Quote Detail" (Quotes)]

New Record/Request

Set Field [Quotes::kf_ID_Opportunity; $ID_Opportunities]

Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]

Go to Next Field

im guessing the issue is in the SET FIELD section, but have tried a couple combos and cant get it to work.