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Help with relationship

Question asked by DavidGibson_1 on Mar 6, 2013
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Help with relationship


     I've got what appears to be a simple relationship but has me stumped.  I've got a table called Sites. Each site is a unique record.  I've got another table (Owners) with contact information (names, addresses, etc.) that represents site owner information and site responsible party (RP) information.  Each site can have one owner (one to one) and each site can have one RP (one to one).  The owner and RP can be the same or different.  The Sites table is linked to the Owner table by a unique OwnerID field and a unique RPID field.  Problem is I can't get them to show up different.  If I change the Owner field it changes the RP field to match and vice versa.  What am I missing?

     Dave Gibson