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Help with relationship and portals

Question asked by kilbot on Feb 22, 2011
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Help with relationship and portals


Okay its been awhile and I've only sucessfully to the best of my knowledge done this once so I'm needing some help.

I have made a very small database and created 3 tables. On the CONTRACT_DATA table I have incorporated a portal to pull information from the DBE table (companies info). I created a join table with foriegn and primary keys and I thought I set the relationships correctly but its just not working. I can see the info in the portal when I enter it and then it disappears. Also I'm not sure if I really set the whole workings up correctly. If someone has the time I put the database online file share. If you could straighten this out so I could see how to do the relations/portals I would appreciate it. The file is only 43.2MB and done in FM11. 

Thank you