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Help with relationship and script

Question asked by Emoke on May 22, 2010
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Help with relationship and script


I am a very new user, started to use FileMaker only yesterday.

The application I am working on is a woodcarving competition registration system. I have created a Table has three Files 

Members ==> includes personal information like name, address ..

Competition ==> includes information about the carving entered into the competition like Level, Category, Tag#....

TagNumber ==> has one record per level including the current tag # for that level.


Relationships :

Members::member # = Competition::member # (one to many)

Competition:: level = TagNumber:: level (many to one)


Competition layout has a portal including all all carvings entered into the competition

When the user enters into the portal of the competition layout and tabs into Tag # field I would like to

1. go to the TagNumber file where the Competition:: level = TagNumber:: level

2. Increase theTagNumber::CurrentTag# by 1

3. Retrieve this increased value into Competition::tag#.


I don't want to write down haw many things are tried with the only result to learn what will not work.


I feel this should be quite simple to accomplish within FilMaker Pro 11, but I would need some help to get me into the right direction.


Every help is much appreciated.

Thank you